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To find out about our admission and appeal arrangements, please contact Hertfordshire County Council.  This link will take you directly to the website or you can call on 0300 123 4040.


Reception Admissions - September 2023

Our admissions into Reception are dealt with by the local authority, Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). Parents should expect to receive a booklet sent to their home address prior to children entering Reception. Hertfordshire County Council produces an admissions prospectus each year, which gives information about how parents can apply for a place in the school of their choice.  Expressing a preference does not, in itself, guarantee a place at this school.  Parents are encouraged to apply on-line; all is explained in the information sent out to parents.  HCC will then notify parents about the school place as soon as all the applications have been considered.


To apply on line go to:


Parents are very welcome to view the school prior to application by making an appointment via the school office.


The 30 Reception places available each school year are offered in accordance with Hertfordshire County Council admissions criteria for primary schools, details of which can be obtained from the school office. 


What if I am not successful in the Admission process?

If you are not successful in your Admission application we encourage all parents to register on the ' Continuing Interest' list via the Admissions website or by calling 0300 123 4043.  If there are any In-year vacancies the spaces will be allocated from the children on the list following the same admission criteria using in the initial applications. 



 Nursery Admissions - September 2023


The school is responsible for managing Nursery admissions.

Admission Process 


Application process opens 

Friday 6th  January, 2023 @ 9am 

Application Deadline 

Friday 3rd March, 2023 @ 9am 

Allocation letters sent by post 

Monday 17th April, 2023 

Allocation email sent 

Monday 17th April, 2023 

Deadline for response to allocation 

Tuesday 2nd  May, 2023 

When will my child start at nursery?

 Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 can apply for nursery places until the  3rd March 2023. Your application will be for  a nursery place for September 2023.


How do I apply?

Our application for Nursery places for September 2023 is found here.  Nursery application form 2023

Parents will need to fill in parts of the form before returning it to the school office.   Incomplete applications will not be considered as part of the nursery admissions. 


How are applications considered?

Once the closing date has arrived, we will then consider all the applications made.  It there are less than 30 applications made, all offers will be made.  If we receive more applications, then the following will be applied.

1.  Does your child have an EHCP?

2.  Is your child a looked after child?

3.  Does your child have any medical or social reasons why Monksmead is the school they should go to?

4.  Does your child have a sibling in the school?

5.  Are you taking up the 30 hour offer?

6.  The distance you live from the school.

To be eligible for criteria 1-3, further documents will be required at the point of application.  If these are not sent in with the application form, these criteria will not be considered.