Monksmead School

Respect, Reflect, Believe, Succeed

Religious Education



At Monksmead School, it is our intention to provide our children with a high-quality teaching and learning in RE. We aim to provide pupils with a knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions and explore how they give value to our lives and those of others, thus gaining shared understanding and helping to develop personal identity.  Humanism is also included in the curriculum to take into account those within our community who have no religious faith. Our children are growing up in a constantly evolving world and we aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills to navigate an increasingly diverse society. 


Our school values are integrated throughout our work, with children learning about the importance of respect for others who may not share their religion or cultural background.  As in other areas of the curriculum, we always encourage children to reflect on their learning so that they can improve and take their next steps.  In accordance with the ethos behind all our teaching, the children are constantly encouraged to believe they can achieve their goals and succeed in their learning.


RE is not compulsory in Nursery but is a compulsory part of the curriculum in Reception.



RE is taught as a discrete subject across both KS1 and KS2 for approximately one hour each week. We use the Discovery RE scheme, which has been adapted to conform to both the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus with some adaptation to reflect our pupils’ background.  Over a term, this should equate to 10 hours for KS1 and 13 hours for KS2.  This may include a creative or cross-curricular approach; eg making diva lamps in DT or investigating Islamic art in Maths.  Each year group will study Christianity plus one other World Religion, although other religions form part of the “hidden curriculum” across all age groups.  For example, special days and festivals are acknowledged as and when they take place.


There are eight key areas of learning to be covered in every Year group.  These are:

  • Beliefs and practices
  • Sources of Wisdom
  • Symbols and actions
  • Prayer, worship and reflection.
  • Identity and belonging
  • Ultimate questions
  • Human responsibility and values
  • Justice and fairness



  • Self awarenessThe teaching of RE will engage and inspire children to reflect on their own beliefs and to understand those of other faith groups.  They should be encouraged to consider their own place in wider society and how they can make a positive contribution to the world.
  • Embrace differencesChildren should be inspired to learn about the beliefs, and practices of other faith groups.  They will look at inspirational leaders from different cultures, enjoy songs and stories from sacred texts and look at major religions’ festivals and celebrations.
  • Ambitious to take the next stepChildren will be confident in their knowledge and understanding of the different faith groups.  They should gain personal insight into their own beliefs and know that they are able to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Wordly-wiseAs they leave Monksmead, our children are becoming religiously and theologically literate. They are developing greater understanding and tolerance so that they are able to navigate and engage with an increasingly diverse society.  They have some insight into the beliefs and practices of the major world religions which promotes a wider, shared human experience.