Monksmead School

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Welcome to Year 4

Teacher : Mrs Taplin

TA:  Miss Payne

A huge welcome back from the Easter holidays, Year 4!

I hope you were all able to have a well-earned break. We’ve got a great term of learning ahead of us, including our exciting residential trip to Woodland Adventure in the West Midlands.

Below is a summary of what we will be learning over the next few weeks:


English – Incredible Sports: Reports and explanation texts, Bill’s New Frock: Stories with a theme

Maths – Fractions – of quantity, measuring, ordering and comparing, equivalent fractions, Time – Read, write, calculate and convert

Topic – Rivers and the Water Cycle, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Art – Formal elements of art: Texture and pattern

– Food: Adapting a recipe

Science – The digestive system, Teeth, States of Matter

PSHE – Health and wellbeing - maintaining a healthy lifestyle, oral hygiene and dental care, Growing and changing - personal identity, Keeping Safe - medicines

RE – Sacred texts and stories – their guidance and impact, Taking responsibility for living together - values and respect, Right and wrong, just and fair

Music – Lean On Me – Soul/gospel music, Blackbird – Equality and civil rights

PE – Basketball, Gymnastics, Athletics

Computing – Writing for different audiences, Animation, Effective searching, Making music


PE kits
For this term, Year 4 will be having PE lessons every Monday and Thursday, so please ensure that they have their named PE kit at school at all times and that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor PE.


Homework will be handed out every Wednesday and will consist of Maths and English tasks which will help to consolidate the children’s learning. The homework will then need to be handed back in on the Monday.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Taplin


Year 4 Summer Timetable 2022

Reading in KS2

In KS2 children have daily whole-class reading lessons.  At Monksmead, we use VIPERS from Literacy Shed Comprehension Plus to help structure the learning and ensure that all key skills are being learnt.    

VIPERS is an acronym to aid the recall of the 6 reading domains as part of the UK’s reading curriculum.  They are the key areas which we feel children need to know and understand in order to improve their comprehension of texts.  The 6 domains focus on the comprehension aspect of reading and not the mechanics: decoding, fluency, prosody etc.  As such, VIPERS is not a reading scheme but rather a method of ensuring that teachers ask, and students are familiar with, a range of questions.  They allow the teacher to track the type of questions asked and the children’s responses to these which allows for targeted questioning afterwards.


To support the children in accurately answering comprehension questions, we use A.P.E.   This stands for 'Answer', ' Prove it' and 'Explain it'.