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Children’s absence for family holidays - Guidance for parents


Our Attendance Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

The Governing Body and Staff at this school are opposed to avoidable absences from school.

We believe that, in most circumstances, family holidays should be taken to coincide with school holidays. 

Children’s absence for a family holiday has a particularly damaging effect upon progress at school.  Children are typically excited, distracted and lacking concentration for several days prior to the holiday and it takes them several days to settle into a routine after their return to school.  Our curriculum is carefully structured and challenging and all classes will undertake a range of new work each week.  New work frequently builds upon previous learning and children often find it difficult to “catch up” after a period of absence.  The Headteacher is the only person who can authorise a child’s absence from school.

Parents who are planning a family holiday, which will require a child to be absent from school should complete the Leave of Absence form giving details and the reason for the holiday being taken during term time.  The Headteacher will reply giving a decision with regards to the authorisation of the absence. The Leave of Absence form is available here.

We have developed these arrangements in close co-operation with all other local Primary and Secondary Schools.

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