Monksmead School

Respect, Reflect, Believe, Succeed


The Monksmead Primary School Governing Body is made up of representatives of the Local Authority, Parents, Staff and members of the Local Business Community. The Governors are responsible for the strategic direction of the school,  taking decisions concerning staffing, curriculum, premises, student safeguarding, and finance. The Governors meet three times a term to discuss the needs and achievements of the school and follow the areas of focus model to address their responsibilities.


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Term of Office
Parent Governors Mabinty Esho

16/10/20 - 15/10/24

Charlotte Griffiths

09/06/21 - 08/06/25

Pamela Young

20/10/21 - 19/10/25

Victoria Reilly

15/03/23 – 14/03/27


Staff Governors Lisa Bub (Head) (FC)

01/09/18 - 

Rebecca Rocha

22/09/21 - 21/09/25


LA Governor Rev. Tim Warr

15/03/21 - 14/03/25


Co-opted Governors

Steve Wyman (CH) (FC)

11/01/23 - 10/01/27

Alison Geddes (VC)

25/01/17 -17/11/24 

Gill Mercer 

11/01/23 - 10/01/27

   Yi-Weng Liu (FC) 16/10/20 - 15/10/24


Associate Members Joyce Okyere-Mensuo 05/07/23 - 04/07/27
Judith Williams 11/01/23 - 10/01/27


Clerk: Roz Girling

CH – Chair/Co-chair of Governors

VC – Vice chair of Governors

FC - Finance Committee (appointed by FGB)

 To see Governor Attendance 2022/23 please click here.

Who are the Governors?

Steve Wyman – Co-opted Governor (Chair of Governors)

I was appointed as a Co-Opted Governor in November 2019 and feel privileged and proud to be part of a great school and helping to contribute to make a positive impact on the effectiveness of the school and the children's education.  In January 2023, I was voted in as Chair of Governors and am looking forward to continuing to help the school throughout my term as Chair.

I have worked in HR for 19 years, 5 of which have been in Higher Education while the remaining 14 years have been in the private and public sectors with a key focus on HR Systems, KPI's, and Business Intelligence.

No pecuniary interests have been declared.


Alison Geddes – Co-opted Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)

I have been a co-opted governor at Monksmead for 6 years. My eldest son left the school in July 21 and I have a son in Year 4. I feel privileged to be working in this role and am keen to make a positive contribution to the school and our children’s experience here. 

No pecuniary interests have been declared.


Gill Mercer – Co-opted Governor

I was appointed Associate Governor of Monksmead school in January 2021 and have recently been elected as a Co-opted Governor as of January 2023. I have had a long career in primary education and have now retired from the role of KS1 and Early Years leader in a primary school in Barnet. I am passionate about the education and well-being of children and feel privileged to be a governor of Monksmead School.

No pecuniary interests have been declared.

Charlotte Griffiths – Parent Governor

I was elected as a Parent Governor in June 2021. I have a daughter currently in year 5 and my son attended Monksmead prior to moving into secondary school. I have 20 years experience working within the criminal justice system and currently work within children's services coordinating support services for families and ensuring safeguarding children  is at the heart of the work we do. I am passionate about making sure that all of our children have the best start in life and that our school ensures we support them to reach their full potential. 

No pecuniary interests have been declared.


Judith Williams – Associate Member 


I have links to Monksmead since 2010: both my sons attended the school, and I was a school governor from 2013-23.  I have over 20 years' experience working in local government regulation.

Being on the school's governing board is a privileged position, and I remain committed to making a difference for our children - providing the best opportunities, and enabling the best outcomes.

No pecuniary interests have been declared.

Lisa Bub – Headteacher

I have been Head of the school since September 2018.  Until joining Monksmead I worked in Barnet, spending the past 11 years at a school in Mill Hill.    I am very proud to be Head at this wonderful school.  I have an amazing staff team to work with who are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for all of our children.

No pecuniary interests have been declared.


Mabinty Esho – Parent Governor

I am an Equality Diversity and Inclusion Lead working within HR for a NHS trust in London. I am passionate about diverse representation and inclusivity within schools aswell as ensuring that everyone has equity of opportunity regardless of their protected characteristics or socioeconomic status.  

I am a parent of two children, with my eldest child in year 3 of Monksmead School. I was elected as a parent governor in October 2020 and look forward to supporting the school in any way that I can. 

No pecuniary interests have been declared.

Pamela Young – Parent Governor 
I was elected as parent governor in October 2021 and have children in Year 6 and Year 1. I feel privileged to be joining a diverse team of people with a strong skillset who support this nurturing and inclusive school as it continues to thrive and provide the best for the children in its care.Professionally, I have been a Primary school teacher for 13 years working in Barnet and Borehamwood. I have seen many changes to Education in this time and would be happy to utilise this experience where it may be needed to further support the Headteacher and Governing Body.

No pecuniary interests have been declared. 


Rebecca Rocha – Staff Governor

I have been Deputy Headteacher and SENCO at Monksmead since June 2021. Before joining Monksmead, I have had over 15 years of experience in many different London boroughs. 

Working in partnership with our staff, families, governors and the wider community, it is a great privilege to be able to support and empower our pupils to flourish in every respect so that they are fully confident and ready to move on to the next stage in their education and their future. Monksmead is such a nurturing and welcoming school and I am looking forward to being part of the school’s journey as it continues to move from strength to strength. 

No pecuniary interests have been declared.


Reverend Tim Warr – LA Governor 

My name is Tim, and I am the LA governor for Monksmead School, which means I have a watching brief to keep up to speed with the wider trends, priorities and developments of local and national government. I have been involved in community engagement for over 30 years in different parts of the country, and locally here for 20 years, when I came to serve as the Church of England Rector of Elstree & Borehamwood.   

My job is about trying to do, think & talk about good things, so it is a delight to be part of the Monksmead School community and its vision. Some of my favourite words are 'listening', 'partnership', 'impartial', 'fun', 'opportunity' and 'respect' as well as 'non political', 'independent thinking', 'connecting' and 'learning'. To recharge, I like to walk, swim and keep up with news as well visual and performing arts.

No pecuniary interests have been declared.


 Yi-Weng Liu – Co-opted Governor 

I started my own business in 2007, which provides educational and entertaining science programmes to primary school-aged children. I am passionate about the education of the next generation.

I was elected as parent governor in October 2020 and feel honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute myself to this wonderful school. Both my daughter and my son  thoroughly enjoyed their school life at Monksmead. I am very keen to help other children to have a similar experience and looking forward to becoming more involved and giving support wherever the head teacher and other governors feel is most appropriate.

No pecuniary interests have been declared.



Governors' Vision Statement

Monksmead’s Board of Governors firmly believes in the school vision which is focused on both education and nurture of our children to enable them to succeed to become happy and respectful members of the community. The governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools by:
Ensuring financial stability
Financial performance is critical in ensuring that the school, staff and children have financial support, and money is well spent.
Working strategically
School governance is not a full-time role. As a result, Monksmead governors understand the importance of using their skills to support the school by focusing on strategic targets rather than operational concerns that are the domain of the headteacher and the school. 
Key to the strategic role of a school governor is having the confidence and ability to challenge school leaders and ensure accountability across the entire spectrum from Safeguarding and curriculum through to budget and Pupil Premium.
Any parent who wishes to ask a question of the board of governors may email the Chair of Governors at

Voting rights for Associate Members

Associate members have full voting rating to any committees or boards that they are members of, excepting the FGB.