Monksmead School

Respect, Reflect, Believe, Succeed

Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish



At Monksmead School, it is our intention to provide our children with high-quality teaching and learning in Spanish. We recognise and value the different languages that children may speak at home and aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish.  We provide a safe environment which enables all children to achieve their full potential, including those with disabilities, EAL speakers and those with additional needs. Our school values are integrated throughout our work in Spanish and we encourage the children to reflect on their learning and how they can improve and take their next steps.  As in all areas of the curriculum, the ethos of our teaching is that all children can succeed and achieve their individual learning goals.


MFL is not compulsory in KS1 but is a compulsory part of the curriculum in KS2.




Spanish is taught as a discrete subject across KS2 for approximately one hour each week. We use the Twinkl scheme, which has been developed to ensure progression within the four key areas of language learning: speaking, listening and understanding, writing and reading. This includes creative or cross-curricular approaches; eg; food-tasting, looking at famous Spanish artists, looking at other traditional art forms such as Flamenco music and dance.  Similarly, children study how shared festivals such as Easter and Christmas are celebrated in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.  They also consider how Spanish became the principal language of South America.



  • Self awareness -The children will develop an awareness of the multi-lingual nature of global society.  They will develop confidence in expressing themselves in another, possibly unfamiliar language.
  • Embrace differences - Children should be inspired to learn about the language and culture of countries other than their own.  It should encourage them to think about their own place in the world, whilst respecting the contribution of other cultures.
  • Ambitious to take the next step - Children should be confident and eager to understand and express themselves in an unfamiliar language, without worrying about making mistakes.
  • Wordly-wise - As they leave Monksmead, our children are becoming increasingly aware that they form part of a global community. They are developing greater understanding and tolerance so that they are able to navigate and engage with an increasingly diverse society and welcome the opportunity to do so.