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The Monksmead Primary School Governing Body is made up of representatives of the Local Authority, Parents, Staff and members of the Local Business Community. The Governors are responsible for the general direction of the school. They take decisions concerning staffing, curriculum, premises, student safeguarding, and finance. The Governors meet as a whole group at least once each term to discuss the needs and achievements of the school.


Parent Governors: 







Alastair Cox (CH)

Term of office 02/11/16- 02/11/20


Lisa Bub (Head)

Term of office 01/09/18-31/08/22

Rev Tim Ward

Term of office 15/03/17- 14/03/21

 Anni Kelly

Term of office 03/07/19-02/07/23

Judith Williams


Term of office 10/02/17-09/02/21


Suzanne Curtis

Term of office 06/01/16-05/01/20


Alison Geddes (VC)

Term of office 25/01/17- 24/01/21

Reshma Chambers

Term of office 14/09/17 - 13/09/21




 Joe Roukin

Term of office 10/02/17-09/02/21



Clerk: Roz Girling

CH – Chair of Governors

VC – Vice chair of Governors

 To see Governor Attendance 2018/19 please click here.

Who are the Governors?

Alastair Cox– Parent Governor (Chair of Governors)

In October 2016, I was elected to the Board of Governors as a parent governor and since that time, have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with Monksmead; a nurturing, local school of which I am very proud. I stepped up to Chair of Governors in October 2018 and in March 2019, joined the finance committee.


Professionally, I work in the City, managing a team of IT consultants. When not at home or dealing with school matters, I can be found either spending time with my wife and daughter (in year 5), working on my latest building project or, if I’m very lucky, on the golf course.  


Judith Williams – Parent Governor (Joint VC)

I have been a school governor since 2013.  At present I chair the finance committee - overseeing the financial performance of the school short and long term.  I have a son in Year 6.

I have over 20 years' experience working in local government regulation.

Being a governor is a privileged position, and I remain committed to making a difference for our children - providing the best opportunities, and enabling the best outcomes.


Lisa Bub – Headteacher

I have been Head of the school since September 2018.  Until joining Monksmead I worked in Barnet, spending the past 11 years at a school in Mill Hill.    I am very proud to be Head at this wonderful school.  I have an amazing staff team to work with who are dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcomes for all of our children.


 Suzanne Curtis – Staff Governor

I am Assistant Headteacher at Monksmead School. I was appointed as a staff Governor in September 2010, seven years ago now and was reappointed to remain as a staff Governor in June 2016.

I am the subject co-ordinator of mathematics and also lead on personal development, behaviour and welfare.

I feel privileged to work and be a governor of Monksmead School.


 Reshma Chambers- Parent Governor

 I was appointed Parent Governor in September 2017 and feel honoured to be given the opportunity to take on this role.  Monksmead is a well-respected school and I am passionate about contributing to the effectiveness of the school and improving outcomes for all children.

I have worked in both the private and public sectors as a management consultant helping businesses implement change programmes that drive out improvements across their back office operations.

My two sons attend the school ( Year 2 and 4).

Joe Roukin - Parent Governor

Now the general manager of an ambitious landscape gardening company, for over 14 years I was a senior manager at a sixth-form college, focusing on the students' pastoral needs whilst also teaching art and design.  My daughter started in Reception this year and this, combined with my background in education, makes me passionate about providing the best learning opportunities for the school. 


Anni Kelly – Co-opted Governor

I am the Deputy Headteacher at Monksmead School. I have been a member of the governing body for a long time as a Staff governor but in the reconstitutions become a co-opted Governor in June 2016.

I am the SEND lead and also closely monitor all outcomes for children in my senior leadership position.


Alison Geddes – Co-opted Governor (Joint VC)

I have been a co-opted governor at Monksmead School since September 2016. I feel privileged to be working in this role and I am keen to make a positive contribution to the school. 

I am particularly passionate about helping to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our children. I currently work as a Procurement Manager and I have two sons at Monksmead School.

 Please click on the link below to view the Governors' statement of general principles with regard to behaviour.


Governors' Vision Statement

As Governors, we will work with parents and staff to help children enjoy learning and reach their full potential in all aspects of school life.

We will do this by:

  • ensuring that a broad and balanced curriculum is taught but with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy as vital parts of primary education;
  • supporting staff and allowing them to teach to the best of their ability by encouraging good discipline in a calm, safe and happy atmosphere;
  • making it clear that parents are key members of the school partnership, who are welcome in school and must be kept fully informed of policies and procedures;
  • providing the best possible surroundings and equipment with available finances so that children learn in a clean, comfortable and attractive environment;
  • encouraging the children to take pride in themselves and the school, which should be seen as a respected part of the local community;
  • being prepared to regularly review our work as Governors, recognise where there are shortcomings and plan positively for the future. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

Governing bodies work in partnership with the Headteacher, local authority and community of the school to provide the best possible education for their pupils. Governors have three key roles:

Working Strategically:

Defining the schools values, vision and aims, to discuss and agree plans and policies. To have an input into the school development plans which must cover the immediate future of the school and show the longer term progress the school will make over a period of 3 to 5 years.

Acting as a Critical Friend:

Supporting the Headteacher and staff, as well as constructively challenging and building on their expectations to ensure that the best possible outcomes for children are achieved.

Ensuring Accountability:

Governors answer for their decisions and the schools performance to key stakeholders – parents, carers, teachers and staff. To do so they must receive information from the Headteacher that helps them decide what is working well and where further improvement is necessary.

Vision Statement:

As Governors we work with parents and staff to help our children to enjoy learning and to reach their full potential. We do this by:

Ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum is taught with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

Supporting staff teaching to the best of their ability and by encouraging good discipline in the school.

Making clear that parents and carers are key members of the school, that we continue to work in partnership with them and that they are kept fully informed.

That we provide the best surroundings and equipment within the available budget.

That we encourage our children to take pride in themselves and their school.

We regularly review our work as Governors that we recognise our shortcomings and plan appropriately for the future.


The Governors frequently visit the school for any special events including open days or specified parent / Teacher evenings. The GB welcome questions or comments; parent governors are often in the playground at the school pick up / drop off times.

Any parents who wish to ask a question or are interested in becoming a governor may email the Chair of Governors at

2019 - 2020  Full Governing Body Meeting Dates

Autumn term
Wednesday 18th September 2019
Wednesday 23rd October 2019
Wednesday 20th November 2019

Spring term
Wednesday 15th January 2020
Wednesday 12th February 2020
Wednesday 18th March 2020


Summer term
Wednesday 6th May 2019
Wednesday 17th June 2020
Wednesday 8th July 2020